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It was a very good experience with the team as they coperated at every step.. also the luggage reached safely without any harm or loss. Thank you Packers and Movers.

Rahul Datta


really this packers and movers are so good they all staff members are decent pack and move my furniture in very good way.

Dipanjan Das


Very good service. Have used their services a couple of times and have refered friends for the same. On time and before time delivery, professional services and very cooperative. Very reasonable price too. Satisfied with their services.

Amrina Roy


It was a very good experience with the team as they coperated at every step.. also the luggage reached safely without any harm or loss. Thank you Packers and Movers.

Rahul Datta


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welcome to BoonMyRight Packers and Movers Pune to Bangalore

BookMyRight Packers and Movers is not just a next door Packers and Movers agency. It has a dominating presence in Bengaluru. BookMyRight Packers offers a wide range of logistics services in city of Nawabs. Talking about presence in India it offers packing and moving services in many cities of India like Delhi(NCR), Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Agra, Ranchi, Vizag, Jaipur just to name a few.

Vision of the Company

We plan, pick, proceed & place just for your comfort (Our 4 p’s)

The vision of the company has always been to make shifting a smooth experience. We at BookMyRight Packers offer you quality solutions in your shifting process. In a way we help you plan, pick, move, unpack, place & adjust to your new abode. The range of services provided by us is unparalleled. We are one of the best packers and movers in India.

Hassle free services at your doorsteps

We don’t just provide logistic services. Our team makes it a point to deliver you hassle free packing & moving services. After all, that is why you hire packers and movers. Right from the time our representative steps into your house we take care of your priorities.

The safety of your belongings is what we strive for. No matter where you move with BookMyRight Packers you move with peace of mind. Whether it is home relocation or corporate shifting we do it with perfection. Our clients include MNC’s, Senior Govt. servants, Doctors, Lawyers & Embassy staff.

We hire the best in the field. Our office staff & field staff is having years of experience. They help you in A-Z of relocation. The only alphabet you take care of is E. What that’s? E here signifies Ease. We take care of your planning, packing, loading, unloading, vehicle relocation and a host of other jobs associated with relocation. Till then you may have a sumptuous bite of your pizza. We reach at your new place before you do. So if you are looking for long distance movers in Bengaluru. Just visit our website ww.bookmyright.com to have a peek into a plethora of services we offer. We have laid down our services along with charges in detail. We assure you of the finest which are moderately priced.

Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka and Pune is a well-planned and developed city in Maharashtra. The distance between both the places is 735 km. It involves a travel time of approx. 14-15 hours.

Bengaluru – Choose it as your work front and see the progress unfold

Bengaluru is a leading IT hub of India. With start-ups growing on a daily bases universities and hostel rooms are also mushrooming regularly. It is proving to be Asia’s fastest growing start up systems. The infrastructure in the places nearby Bengaluru is also improving at a rapid pace.


Pune has made a mark to be a leading IT hub of India. It houses leading IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Oracle & Cognizant just to name a few IT companies. Start-ups have been coming up on a daily basis. It is one of the most selected cities for job searchers due to its great climate. It also houses all major automobile companies. It appears to be another favoured destination for those in search of jobs.

Array of services to make a move

The only reason why BookMyRight Packers & Movers is the best packers and movers in Bengaluru is because of the wide range of services we offer.

1.Household Shifting: Our professional movers are experts in handling household shifting. Our reliable team ensures that your belongings are safe and secure while in transit. Whether you are moving intra-city or inter-city, we handle everything with watchfulness.

2.Office relocation services: Shifting offices from one city to another requires carrying costly gadgets, furniture, glassware, etc. It takes the services of expert packers and movers to move an office from one city to another. Expert packers and movers pack, load, carry, unload, and fix your belongings in your new place with no hassle. BookMyRight Packers have helped relocate hundreds of companies from one city to another. BookMyRight Packers & Movers are well known for office relocation services in Bengaluru.

3.We pack like a pro to move on the go: The packing process is one of the major ingredients for a successful long-distance move. We offer full-service packing, partial packing & fragile-only packing. We recommend full-service packing since you get 100% damage-free stuff after reaching your place. 

BookMyRight Packers & Movers lays emphasis on high-quality packing material. Corrugated cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, air wrap, pieces of foam, etc. For furniture, we use water-proof lamination and bubble wrap. We take extra care that your belongings are packed using the latest packing material. The robust packing helps keep the fragile items utmost safe. Use of thermocol, carton boxes, corrugate sheets, air bubbles, foams etc. Added care is taken to pack the fragile items. All the packing materials are of premium quality. 

4.Loading for the long relocation journey long haul: We carry everything inside the boxes, but our loading procedure relies on out-of-the-box thinking. We use the latest tools and equipment, such as furniture sliders, moving straps, furniture dollies, hand trucks, ropes etc. We use state-of-the-art equipment for loading your precious belongings. Our field staff is well trained to handle loading procedures on even narrow staircases. Your domestic and office items are loaded scratch-free.

5.Moving with Care Elan: We use customized and robust vehicles for carrying your precious belongings. Our vehicles comprise jumbo trailer trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trail lift trucks, truck trailers and trucks with refrigeration facilities. These customized trucks can sustain loads of thousands of kilograms. It is possible to upload the goods from the sides of the truck and also from the backside. This special feature helps upload larger assets, like furniture etc. It also helps with the loading of office furniture. We use Jumbo Trailer trucks, Semi-Trailer trucks, Tail Lift Trucks, Truck Trailers, and Lowboy Trailers for carrying your precious belongings. We use a range of vehicles which helps us carry small, medium to large quantity of household and office items. The range of vehicles we use is beneficial for loading and unloading weights ranging from a huge 24000 kg to a smaller load of 2000 kg.

6.Storage facilities: We use state-of-the-art storage facilities. A question always arises: why does the need for storage arise?  

i)Last-minute touch-up: Your new home might be going through a last-minute touch-up. It might take a few days before you move in. It might be the case that your rent agreement in your old house is over. You might have to vacate it. Under such conditions, you need to store your belongings. Storage facilities provided by packers and movers are useful in such a scenario. The storage facilities provided by BookMyRight Packers & Movers are top-notch.

ii)Vagaries of weather: The weather might not be conducive while we are carrying your belongings. In those circumstances, it would always be proper to store your belongings in a safe place. The warehouses, which are well equipped, come as a lasting solution in such a condition. BookMyRight Packers has one of the cleanest and best-equipped warehouses across various cities in India. They are endowed with the following facilities:

  • Inventory Management
  • Goods Handling
  • Labelling
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Pallet services

    Our warehouses are equipped with a 24-hour watch and ward and cameras at various angles. They are also equipped with alarms to handle any threat. The agencies that we employ for watch and ward are leading agencies with sturdy staff to handle any threat. The warehouses are spacious and bug-free. Proper fumigation procedures are adopted at regular intervals. It is our priority that your belongings are handled with due care.

    We have an essential inventory tracking system that helps customers track their goods and ensure the safety of their belongings. Sometimes it happens that people are worried when their belongings are kept in warehouses for longer intervals. We have 24 x 7 customer support, where you can call in to resolve your doubts.

    Your belongings are loaded back into the carrying vehicles as soon as the requirements of the warehouses are met. We also offer warehousing facilities to those who take packers and movers services from elsewhere.

    7. Bike Shifting Services:strong> We offer bike shifting services from one city to another. Four-layer packing is used for your dream machines. The procedure involves careful packing, safe loading, carrying and careful unloading.

    8. Car Transportation Services: Car transportation is a stressful job. During long distance travel some people drive to their destination which is always risky on the highways. During this process they sometimes damage their vehicles. BookMyRight Packers provide an easy and hassle free Car Transportation Service. We have a proper transport chain and vehicles, where we transport your car to the transport vehicle by taking care of all safety tips. Transit insurance services are also provided where you can save your car from any losses or damage. These services are provided at reasonable cost.

    9. Unloading for the final work: We unload all your belongings at the other end of the journey. All your items are taken to your new house with care. We don’t just place your items in the new house at the designated places. We at BookMyRight Packers understand that you are tired after a long and strenuous tour. Our staff reassembles your electronic items and fixes them in the proper electrical socket. So we make your belongings work for you. The artefacts and other costly items are unpacked and fixed in the right place.

    We fix the furniture for you as well. Beds are reassembled and screws are tightened in the right place. All other furniture items, like study tables, sofas, dining tables, etc., are fixed and placed in their designated spots.

      How BookMyRight Packers Works

    Wide-spread network of offices: BookMyRight packers and movers have offices in 21 cities in India. Such a wide presence in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai goes to prove that BookMyRight Packers is a leading name in the packing and moving industry. The presence of offices in various cities helps the client interact directly while they are searching for packers and movers.

    i)Well-trained staff: Our staff is well trained to efficiently handle the most difficult of shifting assignments. They are made aware of the latest technology being used in this industry in the training modules. We employ specialists in packing. There are other talented professionals who are experts in the loading and unloading of house and office belongings.

    ii)First contact with the customer: With our widespread reach, customers come to know about our services. Our website www.bookmyright.com contains an indepth detail about our services. Our website, bookmyright.com is mentioned in all our advertisements. Whenever a customer calls us at our 24x7 dedicated call centre, we patiently listen to what the customer wants. All the queries of the customers are addressed as per their satisfaction. Detailing of services and the cost associated is given. If the customers need any estimate, it is readily provided on WhatsApp or email.

    iii)Visit to the office: If the customer wishes, a BookMyRight Packers representative will pay them a visit. Our representative visits your house in case of house relocation or your office in case of office relocation. He assesses the quantity of belongings that have to be moved. After a complete assessment of the belongings, our representative gives you an estimate of the cost of the services involved. If the customer agrees, a prospective date for relocation is finalized. Our person explains to you the whole procedure. He provides you with important and relevant contact numbers associated with your relocation.

    iv) Packing to perfection: On the decided day our team of packers visits your house. You are asked whether which belongings you would need immediately after reaching your new place. The belongings which you need immediately are packed in a separate container.

    All breakable and costly items like artefacts, LED’s, electronic gadgets etc. are packed in strong containers to protect them from getting damaged. The fragile goods are cleanly marked fragile and special packing is done for them.

    v)Receipt before loading – It is very necessary to provide a list of the belongings before loading them in the carrying vehicle. The list clearly earmarks what all we are carrying for you to the new place. The belongings after reaching the other end are rechecked and ticked off.

    vi)Insurance Charges – We carry the belongings of the customers with complete care. If need be warehouse services are also provided. But still if the customers want that their belongings need to be insured we provide insurance service to our customers. We get them to fill in the necessary insurance forms and also inform them about the premium charges. We have tie ups with various insurance companies for the safe relocation of goods against accidents, theft etc.

    Advantages of Hiring Professional Packers & Movers

    i)Effective planning: After you give us a call for a visit, our representative is at your disposal. He reviews the moving process with you, whether that be home relocation or corporate relocation. We believe in delivering the client what he asks for. However, as we are well informed about the nitty-gritty of the relocation process, we offer our suggestions where necessary. The final call is still what the client desires. We excel in home relocation services in Bengaluru.

    ii)Our estimates don’t lie - BookMyRight Packers is one of the most dependable relocation services in Bengaluru. After reviewing the belongings to be carried along, our representative gives you an estimate of the charges for various services, along with the total charges. Our final bills tally with the estimates unless you apply for add-on services during the relocation process. We are the leading and one of the most trustworthy relocators in India.

    iii)GPS facility – Packers and Movers have a GPS facility available. You can keep tract of the moving vehicle carrying your belongings 24 x 7. All are vehicles whether that is Jumbo Trailer trucks, Semi-Trailer trucks, Tail lift trucks, Truck trailers or Lowboy Trailers come well equipped with this tracking facility.

    iv)Time Saving – Just imagine that you are doing the work of packing yourself. It takes a lot of time packing & labelling each box. Moreover, you might not be able to pack with the same expertise with which packers & movers do. same expertise and packers and movers. On the other hand giving the work of packing, loading, transporting & unloading to different agencies might also prove wastage of time and energy. It could be difficult to coordinate between different agencies. So it is always better to hire professional packers and movers for the relocation work especially when relocating over a longer distance.

    v)Keeps away stress – Just imagine that a professional team like that of BookMyRight Packers & Movers doing all the work for you. It starts from planning, packing, loading, transporting and ends at unloading, placing and fixing. Apart from these the professional relocators also provide you services like plant relocation, pet relocation and insurance. You could enjoy your travel from Bengaluru to Pune while the vehicle moves away carrying your precious stuff. We follow the schedules of relocation strictly and are there to welcome you along with your belongings. We reach there before you.

    vi)Proves to be an energy saver – Settling into a new city involves a lot of planning and bundles of stress. BookMyRight Packers & Movers does the A-Z of relocation work for you. While we place and fix every belonging of yours into your new home in Pune you have got all the energy left to settle yourself in that new place.

    vii) Drivers who know the roads – Experience packers and movers employ drivers who have got the road experience of years. They know the best way from one place to another. They know how to avoid the bumpy roads. After all it’s a question of your belongings which have to be transported safely. Also the knowledge of the potential routes helps them to deliver the items in a fast and safe manner.

    vii)Exclusive pet relocation services – It is many times not possible to take your pets along with you on public transport like trains and by air. BookMyRight Packers and Movers come in handy under such situations. Your pets are taken well care of while in transit. They are looked after by professionals who are experts in dealing with pets. Your most precious family members are under our care while you can enjoy your trip without any worries.

    viii)We keep you safe – It is very difficult to load and unload bulky items. When you hire unprofessional loaders you may have at times to help them load and unload bulky items. It may lead to injuries while loading and unloading bulky items in staircases, lifts etc. In a way by taking the load from your shoulders we help you keep safe so that you may settle in at the new place and enjoy your life over there.

    How to choose the right Packers and Movers?

    Before the thought and difficulties of making a move crop your mind the first issue you need to resolve is how to choose the right packers and movers.

    i)Look for reviews – Look for companies with positive reviews. It’s true that it is a make believe world and reviews are a bit misleading. You may further ask your known persons who have relocated recently by availing services of packers and movers. Help can also be taken from your acquaintances who have recently availed services of packers and movers. If a friend or relative of yours has recently availed exceptional services of a packer and mover then you can go with it.

    ii)Ensure company is licensed – You should ensure that a company is licensed. In a way your belongings are safe and secure in case you avail services of a licensed company.

    iii)Transparent pricing – Don’t just depend on the quotations from one company. Take quotations from multiple companies. Compare the services on offer. Also see the longevity of the company. A company in this line for a longer time will surely be more beneficial to hire. Look for affordable long distance packers and movers while searching online.

    iv)Customer support – Just evaluate the customer support and helpfulness of the company. The first response sometimes goes a long way in deciding about how a company is.

    v)Visit their local office – You should visit the local office of the company, if any. Have a view of the services on offer with a face to face interaction. You can have a view of what equipment’s the company use for packing and moving does. One can also see the packing methods employed by the company.

    Process of shifting

    i)Hiring packers and movers – The first and the foremost step in the process of shifting is hiring the right packers and movers. The best way is to write down your questions or the doubts which you have for the whole process. Ask questions to the packers and movers one by one. Also take a quote, if required. If the company representative is ready to visit your house, allow them. It will help them assess the quantum of belongings properly and you can have a face to face interaction.

    ii)Compare and analyse – You can take quotes from multiple companies. Visit their websites and deeply analyse the services on offer. Compare the services as per your requirement. Also check whether the companies are licensed. Go for the testimonials and compare the companies. You can also analyse the comparison of rates by inviting multiple quotations. You can also ask your known relatives or friends if anyone has recently availed services of packers and movers. That could help you to make a decision. Finalize the deal with the right packer and mover.

    iii)Sell or donate items which are of no use Points to ponder over before the D-Day – After you have finalized the packers and movers for you just have an overview of the belongings which you want to carry. If you have belongings which are old or broken better leave or thrown them. There can be some home use items which you want to buy new at your new place. Just donate the old belongings. Carry only those belongings which are of use to you in the long run.

    iv)Dismantling procedure on the D-day – You should discuss the dismantling and packing procedure with the company before you finalize the packers and movers. Items like beds should be properly dismantled. It is easier to carry and helps in scratch free relocation procedure.

    v)Immaculate packing – The packing procedure adopted by the packers and movers should be perfect. The list of robust packing material is endless. Carton boxes, bubble wraps, waterproof lamination, cardboard sheets, corrugate sheets, foam sheets, polystyrene material should be used while packing. These matters should be discussed with the packers and movers should be discussed before finalization.

    In case of fragile items like centre tables, dining tables & mirrors furniture pads are ideal as they provide proper cushioning which is ideal for these cherished belongings. It should be ensured that edges of dining tables, centre tables and dressing tables should be secured with thick layers of cardboard or polystyrene material. Bubble wraps should be used to provide safe and sound cushion to your valuable belongings.

    vi)Labelling and counting of items – It is always best to make a list of items in different cardboard boxes. There might be items which you want to be unpacked first when you reach your new place. This will help you ensure that all your belongings have been delivered to your at your new place. It is always better to make a list of inventory wherein one copy is given to the packers and movers and one is kept with yourself.

    vii)Loading procedure – It needs to be ensured that the packers and movers have brought a truck which is big enough to carry your belongings. It should be ensure that the heavy items are loaded first in the truck and fragile and small items are loaded last. It should also be ensured that no empty spaces are left between the goods during transportation. If at all there are empty spaces those should be filled up by using cushions and blankets to ensure that the movement of the belongings is restricted while in transit.

    viii)Transporting the goods to the drop location – It should be pre discussed with the transport company when the goods which reach the final destination. The moving company takes care of the goods while in transit. A good moving company has warehouses at its disposal. If the weather does not permit a safe relocation while in transit good moving companies shift the goods to the warehouses till the weather clears. These matters need to be discussed with the packers and movers while finalizing the deal.

    ix)Safe unloading – Once the truck reaches the desired location the moving company needs to ensure that it has got sufficient and well trained labour to unload the goods safely. Every item is handled with care while taking it out from the truck. It is always better that you hire a moving company which has got a base in both the cities. This helps in availability of labour and equipment’s to carry the items to your house.

    x)Recounting the goods – The goods when they reach the final destination should be tallied with the inventory list. If any of the goods is missing this needs to brought to the notice of the company and insurance documents and procedures brought into place immediately. It is therefore always better to insure your belongings in case of long distance relocation.

    xi)Rearranging the dismantled items – Every item which was dismantled at the start of the relocation procedure needs to be reassembled. This is done by the relocation company. Each item after unpacking is reassembled and placed at the designated place in the new house. Chords of electronic items like laptops, computers and LED’s need to be connected again.

    xii)Final payment and good bye – After all the procedures of relocation are over its time for the final payment. You need to recheck the estimates provided in the initial part of the relocation procedure. Experienced relocation companies always give the final bill which is more or less equal to the estimated amount. If at all any more services have been taken the amount needs to be recalculated. Charges of moving insurance, if any need to be added in the bill and paid to the moving company.

    Tips and tricks to reduce your relocation costs

    i)Declutter your house before making the move – Once you have decided to make the move it is always better to De-clutter and remove unwanted items from your home. In case you have decided to purchase new furniture at your new place it is always better that you sell or donate your old furniture. Why incur additional expenditure on transportation cost of furniture.

    ii)Shift at a proper time – It is always better to shift your belongings at the right time. The best moving time is always mid of the week. Moving companies are always busy at weekends. This will help reduce your cost. A lot of shifting takes place during March to August due to the academic season. It is always better to shift during September to February. You are surely going to get a discount. However, if you have to shift at a short notice it is always better to shift during week days than weekends.

    iii)Select the right moving company – It is always better to make a list of services you require as per your budget limits. After that take quotations from multiple companies which suit your service requirements. Discuss with the moving company and try to take discount without compromising the quality of services.


    A well planned move whether in case of relocation or any important task in your life helps you accomplish the right results. Following the details discussed above is surely going to fetch you a safe, sound and timely relocation procedure. A properly laid down and well executed relocation procedure is the foundation for your new life in a totally new city. It is always in your best interest to hire packers and movers who make your relocation hassle free. BookMyRight Packers & Movers with an experience of thousands of long distance relocations is the perfect and leading relocation company with presence in multiple cities. We are always there to help you make the move.