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Original Hotel bills for claim by BookMyRight

Are you searching for an original and authentic hotel bill for claim? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place BookMyright is a service providing company who can help you find multiple services under a single roof. BookMyRight has been working for years and developing, collaborating and adding new services as well as certified vendors every month. If You are looking for a hotel service or a hotel bill for claim we have helped you to generate a hotel bill online within 30 minutes.

We have a dedicated team who are very active in helping and finding the best hotel for your needs and hotel bills for claims. Once you enquire about a hotel our team will contact you in a minute and take all essential documents and generate a hotel bill as per your requirements regarding pricing, dates, city, area and so on.

BookMyRight has advanced setup and skilled manpower with Modern billing software that can not only help you to find the right hotel but also help you find services such as cab or taxi services, packing and moving services, logistic and transport services etc.

With authentic service and 100% GST approved hotel bills BookMyright is ready to support you until your bill gets approved by your company and gets your reimbursement amount to your bank account.

Currently, we can help you with the below services:

  • Hotel Bills for Claim
  • Cab Travel Bills for Claim
  • Packers and Movers Bills for Claim
  • AS packers Bills Sample

    About Hotel Bills For Claim

    Travelling for work is very common for high-profile jobs and IT job holders which leads to hotel and car service. During any company traveling it is very essential to keep all the hotel bills for claim or reimbursement. Sometimes when a company is relocating you permanently apart from hotel bills you may need packers and movers bills for claim and traveling bills also.

    A list of information must be included in Hotel Bills for claim

    The hotel bill for claim or reimbursement is a simple and convenient process for both the employee and the company. If your company is sending you to a different location for a meeting, webinar or for any other reason you have to stay in the hotel and collect the hotel bill for claim and submit it to your company to refund the amount.

    For a hotel bill you will have to submit a single invoice copy which must include the below information:

  • Hotel name (Including legal name)
  • Hotel address and Contact details
  • Hotel GST Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Checkin and Checkout date
  • Number of People stay in the hotel
  • Customer Name
  • Billing Amount
  • Food or other Expenses (Optional)
  • Hotel Terms and Conditions
  • The above list is mandatory on a hotel bill for claim. Apart from this, a few other information may include a hotel bill such as payment method, company PAN no, hotel bank account details, hotel logo etc. If you are booking any hotel via any third party service provider such as Tripadvisor, yatra or agoda they may have generated the bill on behalf of the hotel and their name, terms and other information will be there.

    If you are booking a hotel or generating hotel bills for your reimbursement our expert will make sure all the information has been maintained properly so that it will help you for a smooth claiming process from your company. Our export will also help you in all possible until your reimbursement is completed.

    GST charges and their importance in Hotel Bills:

    From 1st July 2017, the Indian government has implemented GST (Goods Service Tax). It is a single taxation system triggered on boot goods and services in India, replacing multiple indirect taxes. If you are taking any hotel service there are different GST price is involved:

  • Bill under Rs-1000 is under GST is 0%
  • Bill from Rs-1000 to Rs- 7500 GST is 12%
  • Bill from Rs - 7500 and above GST is 18% (18% GST is from 2024, before 2024 GST was 28%)
  • GST is compulsory for any service or goods selling industry. If you are taking a hotel service or hotel bill for a claim 12% or 18% GST is applicable on your bill. A GST number on a hotel bill is very important, it proves a hotel's authenticity and follows the Indian government tax section.

    Documents you need to provide at the time of hotel Check-in

    When you reach the hotel for check-in you have to provide certain documents before check-in as per the government role of India. If you have booked a hotel via any third party or want to book a hotel directly via walk-in each time you have to provide the below information to book a hotel and to get the GST-approved hotel bills for claim:

  • Your Name
  • Your constant Details
  • Your ID proof or your address proof photocopy
  • Your signature
  • These are basic details you may ask by the hotel. There are few optional questions asked by the hotel acceptability such as coming from the city, how many days he/she wants to stay etc.

    Understand the hotel bill submission process for reimbursement

    Getting a hotel bill and submitting it for reimbursement is very simple but it may be a time-consuming process and while it's an essential part of the experience, managing hotel bills for reimbursement can be a daunting task. From keeping track of receipts to ensuring compliance with company policies, the process can quickly become overwhelming. That's why let's understand the hotel bill reimbursement in a simple step-by-step process.

    Step 1 : After your hotel checkout and payment process collect the hotel bill.

    Step 2 : Crosscheck the hotel bill with all necessary information filled or not with GST information before leaving the hotel. If anything is wrong, a spelling mistake or information is missing, request the help desk person to correct it.

    Step 3 : Upload the hotel bill along with supporting documents to HR within the deadline.

    Step 4 : Wait for HR verification and approval notification

    Step 5 : After your HR approval the bill amount will hit your given bank account.

    Important points you must remember while Claiming Hotel Bills.

    While you submit your hotel bills for reimbursement it is very essential to keep some important points in your mind to ensure a zero hassle and successful reimbursement process. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Verify your bills and crosscheck with all necessary documents before submitting.
  • Understand the submission process and company policy for a zero error process.
  • Submit your hotel stay bill for claim before the deadline and promptly.
  • Keep a photo or a photocopy of your bill before submitting it for reference.
  • Do regular follow ups and check notifications for process updates.
  • Provide original and authentic documents and be transparent with your company terms.
  • By keeping these important points you can make the claiming process smooth and super easy. Having prompt action and transparent documentation always leads the reimbursement process fast and successful.

    How to Check the Authenticity of Hotel Invoice?

    If any hotel or resort is missing any required information mainly if GST is missing or having wrong GST number is auspicious or fake. To identify a fake packers and movers GST invoice, analyze properly and cross check the given GSTN number on the Online GST portal.

    Read all the terms and conduction, especially payment terms carefully and if anything is suspicious contact company support directly for clarification.

    Why BookMyRight for your Hotel Bill?

    BookMyright is one of the most dynamic and rising hotel service providers in India. We are offering the best and world-class hotel room service from verified and authentic hotels across different cities in India.

    Once you share your staying requirement we proactively find the best hotels for you under your budget with authentic hotel bills. BookmyRight can provide billing service below service currently:

  • Hotel Bill for Claim
  • Cab Travel Bill for Claim
  • Packers & Movers Bill for Claim
  • Our fast and easy billing system can help you to generate all sets of documents with a unique billing number instantly and share your soft copy via email in 2 minutes and Our representative can give you a hard copy also. If you want a hard copy anywhere in India our team can mail the hard copy which can be reached within 3 working days at your doorstep.

    Choosing BookMyRight company for your hotel bill guarantees a hassle-free and reliable staying experience with complete customer support until your reimbursement process is completed. You can trust our service, billing system and dedicated customer support.

    How to apply for duplicate hotel bills after you miss the original one?

    If you have misplaced your original hotel bill then no worries you can reapply for the same invoice from your service taken company. If you have taken service from a reputed and authentic hotel booking company such as BookMyRight then you can apply online for the duplicate copy or 2nd copy of your invoice. Our team will pull out your bill from CRM using your information and send you free within one working day. If you want a hard copy it may take 4 to 5 working days to deliver your hard copy at your destination.

    A hotel bill can be used for company reimbursement or sometimes it can be used for Tax savings during ITR filing at the financial year-end. So sometimes an invoice may get missing but if you have taken service from us we have not only given you a hard copy but also shared with you a soft copy of the hotel bill in PDF format to your email ID. But still missing the original invoice is no more a headache. A single call or online application can deliver your invoice again to your doorstep.

    Our city wise Hotel bill service

    We have covered and offered hotel services with hotel bills in all major cities of India. Here are the cities where we are offering service

  • Hotel Bills in Bangalore
  • Hotel Bills in Hyderabad
  • Hotel Bills in Mumbai
  • Hotel Bills in Noida
  • Hotel Bills in Ranchi
  • Hotel Bills in Pune
  • Hotel Bills in Delhi
  • Hotel Bills in Chennai
  • Hotel Bills in Kolkata
  • Hotel Bills in Bhubaneswar
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