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It was a very good experience with the team as they coperated at every step.. also the luggage reached safely without any harm or loss. Thank you Packers and Movers.

Rahul Datta


really this packers and movers are so good they all staff members are decent pack and move my furniture in very good way.

Dipanjan Das


Very good service. Have used their services a couple of times and have refered friends for the same. On time and before time delivery, professional services and very cooperative. Very reasonable price too. Satisfied with their services.

Amrina Roy


It was a very good experience with the team as they coperated at every step.. also the luggage reached safely without any harm or loss. Thank you Packers and Movers.

Rahul Datta


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The charges for shifting can vary between companies. Here is a simple method to calculate the shifting cost. Packing Charge + Transportation Charge+ Service Charge= Shifting Charges. (Apart from this you have the option to choose insurance).
Check the condition of your goods/items in front of the shifting personnel to claim insurance in case there happens a missing, breakage or damage. The moving company person will start the insurance process for your reimbursement.
The packers and Movers do charge GST for their service. The GST rate is 18% on all services, loading, unloading, packing, insurance etc. which is totalled as a shifting charge.
Professionals usually charge 500-800 per person for loading, unloading, packing etc. with some other marginal charges for other services.
No. Few items are restricted which you're not allowed to shift by a shifter. Like Foods, Jewellery, Important Papers, Family Pictures, Ammunition, Bleach, Firearms, Weapons, Weed killers, Fire Extinguishers, Fuels, gas cylinders etc.
Middlemen charge much more commission and you may be more at risk to fall prey to a fraudster. We BookMyRight have a verified badge to save our clients from middlemen. 
A detailed list of articles that are being shifted.
  • Detailed packing list having no boxes.
  • Copy invoices and packing lists.
  • Delivery challan.
  • Transit Insurance copy if far away from covering the value of goods
  • Logistics are mainly focused on transporting your items on the other hand packers and movers transport, load, unload, install and uninstall all your items along with packing and unpacking.
    Here is BookMyRight we allow only trusted companies, however, you can check a company by yourself with a few simple steps:
  • Verifying the age of the company.
  • Reading of taking some of their previous clients.
  • The website of the shifting company.
  • Insurance claims the company has made.
  • About Balasore Packers and Movers

    Hello Everyone. Have you ever shifted your items from one place to another?

    Did you find it easy or was it a way bigger, bulkier and riskier task for you?

    Do you want to hire someone who can help you with this hectic task?

    If you all want a solution for all the problems then don’t worry you are at the right place.

    Yes, we are talking about packers and movers. The one who can be your helping hand for shifting your items from one place to another with proper care and in a risk free manner with less burden on your pockets.

    Here we are going to inform you about the best packers and movers in Balasore.

    If you are from Odisha and belong to this beautiful city and are struggling to find one who can shift your items then we are here to help you out with your problems.

    Packers and Movers-:

    Packers and Movers are the shifting agencies who are specially trained to pack and shift your products/ items from one place to another with some good providing services like home shifting with insurance in a precise and sophisticated manner to avoid the slightest damage.

    Who are BookMyRight Packers and Movers in Balasore?

    BookMyRight is a free and open platform where in one part packers and movers can list about their company in an easy and good manner and get clients. On the other part, customers can use this website to get good packer and Movers service within their city limits and from the outskirts of the city also.

    This website is not only a marketplace for Shifting Services, Customers here can compare companies based on the services they provide, insurance offered, age of the company, price and many more with the competition in and out which a customer needs. It is the complete marketplace in itself which very much ensures that once you come here for shifting service you will surely get one and the best Packers and Movers in Balasore will readily get a good prospect.

    Different services of BookMyRight Packers in Bangalore

    There are many services provided by BookMyRight Packers. The list can be very big but here you can get some idea of overall what service they provide. However many of its services include.

    Platform for Various Services:-

    BookMyRight is a good helping hand for the customers in bringing all Shifting Companies under one roof so there you can choose the right company and the right service as per your needs.

    Pan India Service:

    If you are in a remote area where you are new and don’t know about shifting agencies at your place this company can help you get a proper shifting service at your doorstep.

    High Quality Service:

    In BookMyRight you can get high quality service for all your enquiries. Adding to that you will be allocated with a manager who will check and monitor quality and progress and update you regularly.

    National and International reach:

    If you are Indian or have a business in India and want to shift abroad or are residing abroad or have a business abroad and want to shift to India then they can help you to get all your items safely from abroad to India or India to abroad.

    Vehicle Transportation:

    If you want to transport your car or bike or any other vehicle from one place to another where it is very difficult to shift your vehicle then they can help you a lot.


    Insurance is the surety that you can have on your product’s safety while you are shifting it.

    Many companies are providing insurance along with shifting services while many don’t.

    It becomes a difficult task for any customer to find the right shifter who can shift their products at the right price with the right insurance plan.

    With BookMyRight you don’t have to worry about this as it can filter companies based on their insurance status along with their shifting service.

    4 layer packing:

    A 4-layer packing is a type of packing where 4 different layers of packing materials are used to pack items.

    In the fourth layer, there is a bubble wrap, cargo sheet, foam sheets or foam blanket and stretch wraps for better protection.

    Through BookMyRight you can get the proper 4-layer packing for your products.

    Quick and competitive price:

    With no time you can get quick and competitive pricing with our filter software.

    Zero Cancellation Fees:

    We provide zero cancellation fees for our customers on all orders.

    Benefits of Hiring BookMyRight Packers and Movers in Balasore:-

    Safe and reliable:

    We provide a safe and reliable shifting service so that our clients get a tension free service. Our pricing is such that you will hardly get this type of pricing anywhere else.

    Proper packing and arrangement:

    Would you like to buy something if you actually know that its packaging has been tampered with?

    Obviously No!

    We here at BookMyRight provide you with the best packing with no tampering along with proper organization and labelling.

    Safe loading and unloading:

    Our skilled personnel and shifting equipment ensure that our client’s items are loaded and unloaded safely.

    Some of the equipment that we use while shifting include:

    Dollies: A dolly is a platform with four wheels and two axles that can be used to transport heavy items from one location to the next.

    Moving blankets:  moving blankets are made from a combination of cotton, polyester or recycled materials. The thick and heavy-duty fabric will absorb shock and cushion your belongings in order to provide optimal protection during your move.

    Lifting slings: Lifting slings are great for lifting a variety of large, heavy objects that don't have fastening points themselves. For example, you may need to lift a bunch of metal pipes, a pallet of cement blocks, or any other heavy, awkward object, that can be easily done with lifting slings.

    Efficient transportation:

    Our transportation vehicles are so designed that they give a maximum loading space and we maintain our vehicles such that the shipping cost is minimal and our skilled personnel load items in such a way that every item gets loaded within the minimum possible space.

    Options to Customize:

    Here we provide our customers with a wide range of options where our customers can choose.

  • How many items do they want to shift
  • What kind of packing do they require so that they can store their items for a longer period or shorter period of time?
  • We also suggest to our customers what service they should take so that they can get their work done without much burden on their pockets.

    Time and Cost Efficiency:

    When you shift your items yourself it takes a lot of time. Here we take the minimum time to shift your items safely.

    Pre and Post Move Support: 

    We not only uninstall your products from the place of unloading and pack them we also reinstall the same items in a proper manner. Here the major benefit is that you do not have to worry about installing each of your items separately by the respective service personnel.

    For example: if you want to shift your TV and Aquaguard. We can uninstall both your TV and Aquaguard safely and reinstall it also saving you from getting the service from their respective service personnel.


    Warehousing is the service provided to the clients by the shifting company to the clients for a specified period which can be later used for shifting.

    We BookMyRight provide warehousing service also so that if you want to store your products at our warehouse within your city for a couple of days or weeks if you want so.

    Who all need warehouse:

    If you want to go from one city to another and your new place is not completely ready for shifting.

    If you have left your previous place and your new place is not yet confirmed.

    If you have gone abroad and want your products to be kept in a warehouse for a couple of days or weeks or months so that you can avoid heavy rent.

    Working Process of BookMyRight:

    The working process of BookMyRight is very simple.

    We completely work based on the requirements of the clients.

    We have designed our website in such a manner that if someone visits our site then he/she simply has to fill in the details of requirements on our portal.

    Our dedicated software filters the data of the customer and sends it to our service personnel and our dedicated management team now completely works on this and calls the customer with all the information the customer needs.

    Now interestingly all this we do with no cost.

     How to Book Our Service in Balasore:

    If you are finally ready to move to your new place and say goodbye to your older ones then this is very much important for you.

    You just need to follow these few simple steps:

  • Visit our website www.bookmyright.com
  • In the main screen you will see a box in the right corner where you will be asked to fill in some basic details.
  • After this we will provide you with three best shifter service providers near your location as per your requirements
  • Now you finally have confirmed the shifting date.
  • You are ready for a happy shift.

    How much do We charge:

    We charge the minimum possible amount so that our customers don’t need to pay much for their shifting service. We also provide insurance at a minimum cost.

    Packers and Movers Balasore Charges:

    Goods Size Packing Charges Transportation Cost Total Cost (Approx.)
    Small Goods 300-1000 550-1100 850-2000
    1 BHK 4,500-6,000 7,500-14,000 12,000-20,000
    2 BHK 3,500-9,500 10,500-20,500 14,000-30,000
    Bike 1,200-1,700 2,300-2,200 3,500-3,900

    Things to Consider While Choosing best Packers and mover in Balasore:-

    Now here we know much about packers and movers. Here we will be going to tell you about a few considerations and precautions before shifting for a hassle free shifting service.

    Get Clarity On Services Provided:

    We always make a mistake while taking a service from anyone in getting to know what kind of services are involved in the particular shifting company.

    Be always clear about the nature and the type of services you are getting from a shifting company or else you may face trouble afterwards.

    Read The Shifting Contract Thoroughly:

    It may be a bit time consuming but please properly go through the contract which you are signing for shifting your products from a shifting company thoroughly.


    Please insure your products. It might cost slightly more to insure your items from a shifting company while shifting but do remember this important step will save you from incurring a huge loss in case of any unavoidable mishap.

    Check For Hidden Fees:

    Always make sure if there is any hidden cost for shifting your product apart from the major charges and always take a receipt and keep a copy always with you until and unless all your products have shifted.

    If possible, always carry a digital copy with you.

    Communicating Special Requirements:

    Always convey your special requirements to your shifting company earlier for a hassle free shifting service.

    Re-Verify Proper Packing And Loading Of Your Product:

     Please ensure or re check whether your product is packed, loaded, transported, and unloaded properly.

    Insurance Claim:

    If you think that there is damage to your products or If there isn’t any damage then also please open your products properly or ask the shifting company personnel to open your goods before leaving your promises.

    Check the condition of your products/items in front of the shifting personnel to claim insurance in case there happens to be an unavoidable breakage or damage.

    Do Not Disclose Sensitive Information:

    Don’t disclose any sensitive information to anyone via any means. Disclosing sensitive information puts you in very much risk for you in the matter of financial losses and other losses as well.

    Beware Of Complete Strangers:

    Beware of complete strangers who do not disclose their identity or have unverified identity. Strangers might be a threat to you and your property as well.

    Never Pay Any Advance If You Have Any Doubts:

    Never pay in advance if you are in doubt or find something suspicious. Paying advance may also be a threat for not getting service or the chances of falling prey to a fraud company might be high.

    Keep Children Away:

    Try to avoid children while shifting to avoid an unwanted mishap if any as this is a risky job for the shifting company as well.


    In the above, we have almost covered all the points, pros and cons of hiring packers and movers in Balasore. If you still have any doubts then don't worry contact us and with no worries, our dedicated staff will help you to get the best packers and movers in Balasore with complete care.